May 19 2019

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Win a R20 000 getaway in our #HomeWithLove competition

Love is in the air this month and we want to celebrate the property you aspire to own, with someone special in your life – because they truly make it home!

Estate living in Centurion and Pretoria East

A quick look at the most popular estates in Centurion and Pretoria East.

Demystifying the proposed Rental Amendment Act

The proposed changes in the Rental Amendment Act have many landlords concerned, but property professionals believe that more clear regulations will have a positive impact on the rental sector.

Pretoria’s first pet-friendly apartment

Roundabout Brooklyn not only offers luxury, comfort and convenient lifestyle for you, but for your pet too.

Generation rent: Why Millennials are choosing to rent and not own

Renting has become the lifestyle of choice for Millennials, but why has this become the norm?

Investing in Grahamstown is a safe bet

An overview of the property market in Grahamstown and how to invest there.

How to attract buyers and tenants in 2019

A look at the property trends for real estate investors in the year ahead.

Rental Property Advice

Now is the time to move for schools

If you need to relocate so you can get your child into a particular school next year, now’s the time to do so.

Downsizing tips for empty nesters

3 common mistakes that empty-nesters make when moving into a smaller home.

Look out for these warning signs, before you buy

Don’t miss these warning signs that could make you think twice before making an offer.

Beware of meter tampering

Landlords need to be aware of prepaid electricity meter tampering. Here’s what to look out for.

Rental income and income tax

Earning a passive income from letting out a property is great, but how do rental income and incomes tax work?

What to ask before signing a lease

Tenants in a sectional title property need to be absolutely clear about who is responsible for what, and what their rent actually covers, before they sign any lease agreement.

A moving out guide for tenants

Moving to a new house can be a stressful time, but what do tenants need to bear in mind as the big day approaches?

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