May 19 2019

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Heart of America Humane Society

Bringing Best Friends Together Since 1992!

How is HAHS different?

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month

Foster mom, Jacque David, shares with us the following thoughts and success story regarding senior dogs!

I brought home a 14 yr old female Yorkie from the Lee’s Summit Animal Shelter. She was so very timid of people that she would run from me every time I tried to pick her up. She didn’t want to bite or be aggressive but she didn’t really want me too close nor was she comfortable being picked up. She was so good with all the other dogs from the Labs to the Pom. I just gave her space and picked her up a couple times a day, just to try and show her people are OK.

Like all of my senior fosters, I wondered how long it would take to get this girl adopted. She was totally deaf from years of untreated ear infections and would need ongoing care of her ears just to keep her comfortable. Most of her teeth were missing and she was so very timid. I wondered if she was a puppy mill dog and if she ever would come around.

6 weeks later a wonderful and perfect woman walked into our adoption event at PetSmart Lee’s Summit and fell instantly in love with my little Yorkie girl. She is a senior woman that lives alone. I felt this would be the perfect setting for this dog. The adopter assured me she was patient and would give Lily all the time needed to come around.

The next morning, I received a text:
Lily had a good night! She does spend most of the time in the spare room. Great going potty! She will come out occasionally to see where I am and goes back in her room! I have tons of patience and know in time she will come around and know she is safe with me.

1 week later I received another text:
She has come so far in a week. She is not as shy and waits for me at the door now. We have hug times several time a day! She likes to be held with her paws on my shoulders. She is such a a blessing.

I just cried. It made me so happy to know that I am making a difference in a senior dog’s life. It reminded me that even though many of my seniors don’t get adopted in 6 weeks or 6 months I need to keep doing this because they all deserve a chance.

Chuffy Adopted

Chuffy is a 2 year old Pit Mix. He is full of life! He found his forever home & family today at PetSmart Olathe. Congrats to Chuffy and his new family!

Widget – Adopted

Widget is an friendly little Wirehair Terrier mix. He joined his new family at the PetSmart Adoption event in Olathe last Saturday.

Estrella – Adopted

Estrella is a big sweet, fluffy, shepherd mix who found her new home at the PetSmart Adoption event last Saturday.

Reginald – Adopted

Reginald is a handsome 4 year old Black Lab. He’s a big guy with a big heart, and he found his new family at the Olathe Adoption event at PetSmart.

Stormy Adopted

Walter Adopted

Walter is a darling little Terrier/Lab mix. He is 3 months and very timid. He is such a sweetie and luckily has found a loving home. He was adopted at our PetSmart Olathe adoption event on September 15th.

Volunteer Opportunity – Van Drivers Needed

Heart of America Humane Society has a volunteer opportunity for individuals wanting to volunteer to transport for us on Saturdays. We have a team of people that drive our 2 transport vans each Saturday. One van transports dogs from the Lee’s Summit Animal Shelter to the PetSmart in Lee’s Summit for …

Sam Murphy’s Donation Drive for Heart of America Humane Society

Sam Murphy – what a guy! He had a donation drive to benefit Heart of America Humane Society. We are very appreciative and grateful to Sam and his efforts. The animals in our care are also thankful for everything Sam did for us. Sam is a First Class Scout in …

Aimee Adopted 🙂

Foster mom, Carol, shares: Aimee has been my foster cat for a year and a half. She had a hard time getting adopted because she hated staying at the Petsmart adoption center and didn’t behave very appealingly when potential adopters came to meet her. Last Sunday a very nice lady …

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